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Kizuka Media is the brainchild of Jaleel Brown, a young Jamaican who migrated to the United Kingdom 10 years ago. He would go on to work for 2 of the world's top 5 digital Advertising companies; Dentsu Aegis and Publicis Groupe. It was at Publicis where he developed into one of the leading programmatic traders in the industry, setting new benchmarks and achieving KPIs that were once unheard of. After being a Senior Executive Trader at Publicis, he retired and decided to head back to his home country Jamaica to be start his own digital advertising business. Kizuka now aims to be pioneers in this form of advertising and bring Jamaica into the modern methods of online advertising.

Some of the world's biggest. Samsung UK, Lidl UK, Honda UK, Etihad UK, Heineken UK, Jack Daniels etc. Rest assured that your business is in safe hands as Jaleel as spent 6 and 7 figure sums for some of the world's most demanding clients and has only received the highest of praise for results and professionalism.

These make up the eco system for a programmatic advertising campaign. In short a DSP is where the ads are bought, SSP is where they are supplied. All this will be explained in greater detailed to you, just contact us.

Wrong. Programmatic is much more versatile, for a start you are not only in Google's network (about 60% of the internet) but the level of targeting and cost efficiency is much better through programmatic advertising. There is a reason why Adwords is "Free" and Google's own programmatic DSP called Double click bid manager comes with a fee, you are paying for much better quality. Please contact us and we can into greater detail about the differences.

The real question is what cant we make. We recommend gif ads as these tow the perfect balance of interaction and cost effectiveness. If you are a brand that wants to get fancy and really wow your customers then we can build rich media ads with features such as your location, videos within the ads and even a comparison slide to show before and after. Please visit our services for examples of things we have built before.

Absolutely. Just get in contact with Jaleel and he will come to your business place and do a full custom presentation to you or your marketing team. This will include data, examples, case studies and even ad examples that are custom made for your business.