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Programmatic can be described as the use of technology/automation to buy and serve ads online. It is all about putting the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. Instead of just advertising on just one website, you can serve it on and any website online (that allows ads) and target the type of person that is likely to be interested in your product/service.


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Advertising works best when it is shown to the people who are actually interested in your product/service and no channel can do that better than digital advertising, especially programmatic advertising. We can easily target anyone, anywhere with the help of data and sophisticated display tactics. We can target your customers locally and abroad! The days of stressing about arranging with multiple foreign advertising companies (who do not understand your local culture) to serve your ads are over!


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Experience Is Key To Digital Advertising Success

If anyone with a computer could just serve advertisements online successfully, companies like BMW, SAMSUNG, HONDA etc. would not spend millions of dollars with digital agencies. They would just hire a couple of tech students and cut their costs drastically. Let us deal with your advertising, so you can focus on delivering the best product/service for your customers.


Track And Measure Customer Engagement.

Unlike other forms of advertising in Jamaica that use "Spray and Pray" tactics (that means ads are served broadly and then hope you score a customer). We are not only much more accurate but can also tell you exactly how many people engaged with your ad. This gives you a better picture of how effective your advertising dollars are being spent.


We Build The Ads For You

We build the ads internally, which greatly reduces your costs. Ads will be built free for you depending on the budget you are willing to spend, but even with a small budget our prices are negotiable and dependent on the amount you are willing to spend on the campaign itself. contact us to see the unique and creative ads we can build for your business and some of the ones we have built before.


Cost Is Based On Your Budget

I know you are thinking this costs an arm and a leg! That is far from the case, we charged based on the amount you are spending. If you have a small budget then we will negotiate a fixed price for you but if your budgets are larger we can offer a more all inclusive price package for you as the more impressions you buy it is the cheaper it gets for us and our data suppliers. This lower cost is passed back down to you as we are looking for long term clients and not a quick fix. Please contact us for more info.